Monday, May 28, 2012

Another free sample

So a couple of days ago, I told you about Smiley360 and the free pillow I got.  Today I want to tell you about the last mission I did.  It was to try out some lotion from a brand name company, you just didn't know who and you didn't know anything about it.

It arrived on my doorstep a couple of weeks or so ago.  A plain white bottle:

What harm could come from slathering my body with an unknown lotion....right?!?!  LOL  Actually, I felt comfortable in doing it because I knew it would be from a reputable company that was just looking for honest opinions about their product.

I have to say, I really did like the lotion, it smelled nice and didn't leave a greasy feeling like some lotions can.  I used it mostly on my feet, because let's face it, they get the most abuse on our bodies and tend to get dry and well...icky!  So I applied this "mystery" lotion every night and I have to say that it really did do a nice job.  After 2 weeks, my heels are almost back to regular skin! No more tearing the bedsheets with my dry skin...TMI??? Sorry.

Anyway after about a week of using the product I had to take a survey and give my opinion and then a week later I got this in the mail:

Turns out it was Vaseline Total Moisture.  Now it could just be my bad memory, but I didn't remember them saying I would get another tube of lotion just for trying it, so that was a wonderful, unexpected surprise!  And this time, I'm keeping it for myself and not sharing it with my son!  LOL

If you are interested and want to join Smiley360, just click this link  and get started today! I look forward to sharing more great stuff from Smiley360 in the future.  Now I know I'll have things to blog about and might actually get the hang of this! LOL  Until next time!

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