Saturday, May 26, 2012

Smiley360...getting to try products to rate and review

Some friends turned me onto this site called Smiley360, where you get try samples of products and then rate/review the products.  You have to take a survey to see if you qualify for the mission and if you do, you accept the mission and then wait for the products to be sent to you along with instructions for completing the mission.

So far I have qualified and completed 3 different missions on 3 different products.  The very first mission I got was for a Sleep Number bed.....NO, I didn't get to try out and keep a new bed, but I was given a card to take to my local Sleep Number store for when I tried out the beds in the store.  I have to say the beds were pretty, darn comfortable and if I was in the market for a bed, I would probably be getting one.  They weren't near as expensive as my husband and I thought they would be.  Anyway, so what did I get for my troubles you ask?  A pillow, but not just any pillow, a sleep number CoolFit Foam Pillow.

It's a great pillow and I gave it to my son as he has been having trouble sleeping.  Well the first night he was out like a light and slept the whole night through for the first time in a very, long time and he's been sleeping great ever for that I say thank you Smiley360 and Sleep Number!

I'll share another mission a did recently at another time, so if you think this is something you might like sign up( it's free and you get to try all kinds of different stuff...IF you qualify that is. LOL

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