Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Diamond Candles

Recently I was introduced to this site,  The sell candles with rings in them!  Candles and rings!  What girl doesn't like that?!  LOL   The rings are worth anywhere from $10 all the way up to $5,000.

I was lucky enough to catch a sale, so I was able to get it and shipped for $19.95.  So even if the ring was only a $10 ring, I figured I still got a decent deal as the candle is fairly large.  I got the Cinnamon Roll scented one:

Of course I lit it as soon as it arrived and it smelled divine!  Definitely made me wish I had some cinnamon rolls on hand.  Even the kids kept asking where they were.  It took a couple of days to melt the candle down enough that I could get the ring out.  It might have taken another day or two, but I did help it along.....I wanted to see what ring I got.  The ring was double-wrapped in foil and in a little baggie to avoid getting any wax on it and viola this is what I got:

I don't think it's a $5000 ring, but it's pretty.  Of course this means I'll probably have to buy another one as my other fingers are looking empty now.  I'm not normally a jewelry wearer, but these candles make it much more tempting and fun to become one.  Not only are they great for yourself and make your house smell good, they would make excellent gifts and I know a few people that will be getting one come if you are reading this, act surprised when you get one! 


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    1. No, you get whatever they send you......just like the ring, it's all a surprise! LOL