Saturday, June 23, 2012

I love getting perks!

Look what I just got from being an influencer at Klout

 First up I got the first two episodes for the new season of Falling Skies on TNT.  It also came with a little booklet recapping the show with bios of the characters and interviews with three of the "behind the scenes" crew.  This is a show I got into watching last season so I was looking forward to this perk and I wasn't disappointed.  I think this one is my far!

Then a couple days after getting the DVD I got this cute little piece of equipment:

This device, as you can see, is called the Stirmate.  It apparently stirs your food in the microwave for you.  You have to attach a couple of stick hooks to the sides of the inside of the microwave and then you take that long piece and attach it to the hooks, putting the little slit it has on the top of the device.  Then as your microwave turntable rotates, it stirs your food.  It came with three different sizes to accommodate different size bowls so that is nice.  It will be interesting to see how this works.  I might need to make some queso just so I can try it out! LOL

If you have a Facebook and Twitter account you should look into joining Klout and see what "perks" you can get.  Who doesn't like getting free stuff!

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