Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Klout....are you an influencer?

So I joined this site called Klout.com.  It's a place that rates your social media influence between all the different sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more.    I've been doing it about a month, month and a half I guess.  I've been trying to build up my twitter following for one of my money-making sites(Calyp...from a previous blog....whole 'nother story! LOL) so I figured I would give this Klout site a shot.

Basically you pick some topics you think you are influential in...ie Homeschool, Social Media, Moms, etc....the sky really is the limit.  You can have has many as 20 topics at a time and sometimes they will even list a topic for you out the blue.   Then every once in awhile they have what are called "perks", basically prizes for being influential in certain topics.  So far I've gotten a sneak peak at the new season of Falling Skies, some business cards, a box of eBoost powder to add to your bottled water and some other internet site stuff.

Most recently however I've gotten the best perks, I think, so far.  I got some Roc Multi Correxion Stress Repair Night Cream:

Mind you I haven't tried it yet, but I plan on it.  I know I have some "smile lines" that could use some shrinking and I'm sure my skin could use a little youthful lift!  LOL

The latest perk I got was for some Trident Gum and Trident Layers Gum.  Now, I thought they might send a pack or two and that's what I was expecting, but I was wrong........They sent 12 packs of each kind..12!! That was a VERY nice surprise.  12 packs of Tropical Twist and 12 packs of Juicy Berry/Tangy Tangerine.


I tried the Berry/Tangerine last night.....it's different.  That first taste is a little tart and different, but the I kind of like it!  I have another perk coming in a couple of weeks called a StirMate for the microwave.  Have no idea what it is/does except stir things in the microwave for you.  So when I get that I'll post some pictures of that too.

So, if you've got a decent following on Facebook, Twitter, etc....check out Klout and see if you can get yourself some perks as well!

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