Monday, October 15, 2012

Influenster: Rewards for your Social Influence

Do you have a Facebook account?  Twitter? Pinterest? Google+? Or write a blog??? Talk to a lot of people???  If you answered yes to even one of those then you have social influence!

Recently I signed up with a new site called Influenster. It's a site you can sign up for (for free, the best kind) to get and review products using your social influence as you do.  The more you interact with the site, the better chance you have for actually getting products to try.

I have to be honest, I signed up about a month or so ago(maybe longer, time melds together these days) and did as much as I could at the time on the site, but then basically forgot about it.  That is until I saw a post from a friend about an email they got from Influenster and getting to do one of their "Voxboxes".  That is what they call the sample box they send to you, to try out and review.   So, I thought I would go check out the site again and see if I was missing something to do and possibly qualify for one of the VoxBoxes.  Well, things had changed.....their site included! It was much more streamlined and user-friendly.  Sure, all change takes some time to get used to, but since I was still a "newbie" with the site it didn't effect me that much.  So, I played around on the site some more and found they had a VoxBox coming for bloggers!   I thought, "Hey, I'm a blogger!" and figured the worst that would happen is they would laugh at my submission.   I mean, well, you read my blog....I'm not exactly "Miss Chatty Blogger".

Anyway! So, I submitted for the box.  Hey, we didn't get to the moon by not trying.  Well, lo and behold, I got an email from them about week later saying I had qualified and was going to get the Blogger VoxBox!! Me, "Miss No-So-Chatty Blogger"!  Needless to say I'm pretty excited to see what I get.  All I know is it's a beauty box and it's arrriving sometime this week or so.  So, as soon as I get it, I'll let you know what was in it....with pictures of course!

So, if you have "social influence" and want to sample and review products, check out
What have you got to lose? 

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