Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kiss Ever Pro Lashes Review

My final review from the Influenster Beauty Blogger Voxbox is for the Kiss Ever Pro Lashes:

I should say that I've never, ever worn false eyelashes.  I'm a less-is-more kind of gal, whose never worn a-lot of makeup.  So when I saw a box of false eyelashes I was a little leery, if not unsure I was going to be able to review them.  I'll be honest I've never even been intrigued to try false eyelashes, ever.  When I grew up, false eyelashes looked more like clown makeup and didn't look real, you could tell when people were wearing them, of course looking back I realize that probably had more to do with how they wore their makeup, but I didn't know that! 

Anyway, I know that they have changed and gotten more realistic looking, but let's face it, now I'm a stay-at-home mom, and I don't really have a lot of opportunity to wear them.  Needless to say I saved these for last to review, mostly because I didn't want to look like a clown or a fool who couldn't do it.  So, wait no more,  I dived in.

There were some directions on the back:

These were the only instructions to be found and for a beginner like myself, however, I didn't find them much help.  Since this was a "Starter Kit", I did expect to have a little more instruction than this.  So, off to YouTube I went, because YouTube has a video for everything, even things you didn't know you wanted to know.  I proceeded to watch a couple videos, which really only gave me a little bit more information than the box did, but at least I could watch a demonstration and THAT was extremely helpful.  So, I was ready to try my first set of false eyelashes, the videos sure made it seem easy and of course they did say that it does take practice to get good at applying them, but I felt I was ready to at least try.

The starter kit comes with one set of eyeslashes, a "Pro Lash" applicator and some adhesive:

-Long, thick eyelashes, and yes there is a right and a left.

-"Pro Lash" Applicator


If you look closely at the lashes you can see that one end of the lash is shorter than the other, that is how you tell which eye they go on.  The shorter end goes on the inside, again no instructions to tell you this, you just have to "know".  Luckily the videos were helpful with that.  You also want to make sure the lashes fit your eye, if they are too long you want to trim from the long lash end.  Now the box does tell you to trim the lashes to fit, but not which end.  The reason you want to trim from the longer end is so that the cut end isn't poking into the corner of your eye as this can be very uncomfortable.....something I learned from the videos, NOT the box.  Also, another tip from the videos was to apply eyeliner BEFORE attaching the lashes, as this gives you a better view of where to place the lashes.  So after applying my eyeliner I proceeded to try my hand at attaching the first one:

 I did my right eye first(your left) and then added makeup to both eyes as I wanted to see if there was difference in doing so.

The token eyes closed shot.  I do have mascara on both eyes at this point.  I think I need better mascara! LOL

You can definitely see a difference in the closed eye shot and I think, you can tell they aren't real, but in the open eye shot, it's not too bad.  I was pleasantly surprised, so I was emboldened at this point to attempt the left eye:

Not bad!

I prefer the eyes open shot myself, but this gives a nice look at what they look like on.

I did find that I preferred putting my eyeliner and mascara on before the eyelashes followed by the eyeshadow.  I felt I could blend the eyeshadow into the lash to help hide the line of the lash from showing so much.  Also, I found that I wasn't as coordinated in putting on the left lash and I ended up putting it too close to the corner of my eye and it was uncomfortable.   But I think with practice I could fix that problem.  Since I wear glasses I wanted to show what they look like with those on as well:

You can tell in this shot that I didn't get the placement correct on the left eye(your right) on the inside corner, but I don't think it's too noticeable.

So you can see they still stand out, even with glasses on.  Definitely give a fuller look to the lashes.  Finally, my 14year old son walked in the room after I had finished and I asked him what he thought.....he said I was too old for these and as a mom I shouldn't wear them.  LOL  Of course he said the same thing when I curled my hair........I guess he expects me to be frumpy all the time.

You do get used to the feeling of the lashes, if you place them correctly and I could see wearing these for a night on the town or a special night out.  For me the only time I would probably wear them is at my husband's Christmas party, but if you are young or have occasion to get all dolled up these would definetly be a nice addition.    Oh, I forgot to mention that the adhesive had an applicator inside so it made applying the glue very easy, so that is definitely a plus!

Out of 4 stars I give them a 3(better instructions would have raised that rating)


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