Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Vitabath Fragrance Mist Review

Today's review is for the Vitabath Fragance Mist I received in my Influenster VoxBox.  The scent was green tea and sage:

I have to be honest I don't like this one at all.  Also, the bottle leaked slightly in the box, thankfully it has aired out now.  I don't know why someone thought smelling like green tea and sage would be a good thing, but maybe that is just me.  I think it is the sage part that I don't like, it just doesn't mix well with the green tea in my opinion. When you first spray it you can definitely smell the green tea, but then the sage seems to take over and just makes the scent unenjoyable.  My family doesn't enjoy the scent either.

According to the product page this scent is supposed to help you "Get your zen on with the relaxing aroma of green tea and the soul cleansing power of sage."  I'm not so sure about that as I'm not into the whole "zen" experience, but maybe that is your thing, if so, you might enjoy this.

There were a couple of positives about it though. The scent does seem to linger and you don't need to spray alot on yourself, meaning the product should last for quite awhile. 

Vitabath fragrance mist is currently available in 16 scents at their site:  Perhaps you could find one that you like, I know I saw a couple that sounded good.

Out of a possible 4 stars  I give it a 1.5 (only because of the scent, could be higher with a different scent)


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