Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I never knew they were so good!

I was fortunate to qualify for another Influenster VoxBox, this time it was called the Holiday Treat VoxBox.   With a name like that you just know it has to be good, right?!   The box got delivered while I was on vacation in Colorado, so I didn't get to find out what was in it until after I got back.

Needless to say, after being gone for 2 weeks and it being the holiday season I had a lot of packages/mail to go through:

But which one held my treat, my delicious surprise??  That white box in the center of the picture, that's the one I was looking for!  I saved opening it for last as I wanted nothing to distract from my prize.  What could it be????  To my surprise inside that non-descript, plain white box was a beautifully packaged box of, are you ready, Ferrero Rocher Chocolates......18 to be exact!

Isn't that a pretty box!

Now, I have to be honest.  I've NEVER tried Ferrero Rocher before....ever!  They are my mom's absolute favorite fact she got three 12pc containers for Christmas this year.  I am not a fan of coconut and for some reason I had it in my head that these had coconut in them, so I never really had a desire to try them.  But I was willing to "take one for the team" for this VoxBox review. 

So, I opened the box and peered inside.

Lined up all the pretty containers for a pretty shot. 

Yes, I am stalling!

I could stall no longer, the time had come.  So I unwrapped it and gave myself a pep talk.  I can do this. 

It's just one bite! It won't kill me right?

*drumroll please*

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  What on earth was I afraid of??  These things, these little balls of chocolate are absolutely DIVINE!!  There isn't one speck of coconut to be found in the these balls of deliciousness.  I was completely wrong and had been depriving myself of these for far too long. 

 As it turns out those specs on the outside of the chocolate ball are hazelnut pieces and inside each decadent ball is a hazelnut surrounded by creamy milk chocolate wrapped in a crisp wafer shell.


Ferrero Rocher, and my mother, I owe you an apology.  We really should listen to our mothers.  Needless to say I have found myself another treat that I will savor for years to come.  Thank you Influenster and Ferrero Rocher for helping me to discover these wonderful chocolates.
My eyes have been opened.  


  1. I do not think I recieve that much mail in 3 years. The Ferrero Rocher Chocolates look awesome.

    1. Well, I was away for 2 weeks and I enter for alot of freebies on facebook. Plus some of that was Christmas gifts I had ordered as well. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :-)