Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ivory® 2-IN-1 Hair & Body Wash Review

I was fortunate to receive another VoxBox from Influenster.  This time I got the Ivory 2-IN-1 hair and body wash along with coupons:

I have very, very, VERY thick hair that tangles easily, so I HAVE to use conditioner on my hair or any hope of getting a comb through it is out the window.  So I've never tried a Hair & Body wash.  Now my husband and two sons use Hair & Body wash all the time and actually prefer it.  But I decided I would gladly "take one for the Influenster team" and give the Ivory 2-IN-1  Hair & Body Wash.  Worst case scenario I would just cut all my hair off and start fresh.....as a hairdresser once told my son, "Don't worry, it grow back!".

I had my family try it first, as I was still a little leery.  My sons said it was fine, got them clean and it didn't smell too fru-fru so they would use it again. Score 1 for Ivory!  Next was the hubby, he's always leery of trying these free samples I get.  He has something he likes so he stays with it and doesn't deviate unless there is no other option, but he was a trooper.   And being the guy he is, his review was: It lathered, got me clean, seems to work.  Score 2 for Ivory!

The time had come, I could stall no longer.  I had used my family as guinea pigs, it was only fair I become one too, after all I was the one that signed up for this.  I was surprised, and pleased, to see that it had conditioner built in, so my trepidation lifted and I put the scissors away.  It lathered up nicely and did a nice job of giving me the squeaky clean hair that I like.  I also liked the fact that it rinsed out easily from my loofa as I find that with most body washes it takes awhile.  Part 1 of the test - passed.  On to part 2.  After towel-drying my hair I began the process of combing out the rats nest that resided on top of my head.  Honestly, I didn't have a lot of hope that it would be an easy process, even though it said it had conditioner.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that for the most part it was an easy process.  It wasn't as easy as with a regular shampoo/conditioner combo, but it really wasn't that bad either.  

So, imagine going from this:

To this:

That is definitely something I like the idea of.  All in all, I do like the Ivory 2-IN-1 hair & body wash and would buy it for my family.  I do wish it had a scent, maybe a his and a hers, but this is a good neutral scent that both men and women could use.  So thank you Influenster and Ivory for giving me the chance to try this product.

*Disclaimer: I received this product for free from Influenster to review and the opinions expressed are strictly my own

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