Saturday, November 15, 2014

Influenster Moda Voxbox

I love opening up my email and finding an email from Influenster that says I've been selected for one of their wonderful, fun-filled boxes.  Even better is when that box gets delivered and get to see what fun things I get to try!

Whatever could be inside???

So I got out my scissors and opened up this beautiful pink box.  Just look at what was inside!!!

Now, granted, there wasn't any ice cream with this box like the last one.  (In fact, I forgot to share that I was a brand winner in the last box for the Breyer's ice cream.  They sent my 12 coupons for free ice cream along with a $75 gift card to Target!  I've been enjoying their gelato almost every day.  It really is that good!) 

Anyway, back to this box and all it's little goodies.  It's actually got some stuff that I'm looking forward to trying out.  Everything was packed great, even the liquids had either taped lids, or were packed in plastic baggies.  Definitely, a much needed and much welcomed improvement.

The first thing I saw, which seeing as it took up almost half the box was hard to miss, were the Puffs Soft Pack Tissues:

At first I thought it was just a regular box a tissues, which it is, but it's not a box.  Hence it's name: Softpack.  No cardboard box to get all smooshed up.  It's a nice size too, I would say just shy of a full size box.  Might even be a full size.  Either way, these are going to come in hand in this house.  Plus, Puffs is the brand of choice.

The next to stand out was a big bottle of water packed in a plastic baggie:

I've never heard of this brand of water before, but I'm definitely looking forward to trying this out after one of my long walks with the dog.  I'm always thirsty after that and the fact that it is has "natural electrolytes" should help give me back a little bit more energy.  

After that I found a nice size bottle of Jergen's Ultra Healing lotion:

It says it is perfect for hands, but I'm looking forward to trying it on my arms, legs and feet as well.  Jergens usually makes great lotion, so I am sure I won't be disappointed with this one.

Just under that was full size bottle of Clairol's Hair Food:

I have to say I've never heard of this, but since I recently had my hair highlighted it can always use some good moisturizer. It says it's a Moisture Hair Mask.  I've heard of a facial mask but not a hair mask.  So, this will definitely be interesting to try. There was also a coupon included....bonus!

Tucked below that was a single serve packet of Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa:

I LOVE hot chocolate and swiss miss is my favorite "instant" brand.  As you can see by the packet you have to make it with hot milk.  It also came with a coupon.  Now all I have to do is wait for a semi-cool night so I can make it.  Living in Arizona we don't get a lot of those, so I may have to wait for a "not so hot" night instead.

I combined the last items together as they are all from the same company, Rimmel:

First up is the Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves mascara.  I've had a different Scandaleyes from Rimmel before and really loved it, so I'm looking forward to using this one!  Next to that is their Moisture Renew lip liner, which will be fun to play with as I don't usually wear anything on my lips.  Finally, is the Moisture Renew lipstick to go with that liner.  It's a nude color, which for someone who doesn't wear color on their lips was a perfect choice to send me.  I wonder how they knew???

So, there you have it.....all the goodies that were in this ModaVoxBox.  I don't think there is a stinker in the bunch.  Thank you so much Influenster and all the other brands for giving me the opportunity to try out all these great products!

*Disclaimer: I received all these products for free from Influenster to review and the opinions expressed are strictly my own*

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