Thursday, May 31, 2012

Seriously did not think this through!

Back in December we got a new car.  It was time, the other one was 10+ years and getting to the point of needing work done to keep it running and because of certain circumstances at the time we had money to get a new one.  So we looked and looked for a couple of months, but waited until the end of the year to purchase to try and get the best price possible.

Seeing as how we spend alot of time in Arizona I had said I didn't want leather interior, specifically black leather interior.  Really I didn't want black interior of ANY kind....and my own personal preference of no red car either.  The only other requirement we HAD to have was AWD for our trips back and forth between Colorado and Arizona and of course for driving in the Colorado winters.  We had narrowed the list to a Subaru Outback and a Mazda CX-9 after test drives with the Kia Sorrento coming in a distant 3rd.  I only test drove the Kia for my husband, I really wanted either the Subaru or the Mazda.  All three cars drove well and we liked them all.

Finally, we decided on the Subaru Outback, it seemed the most reasonable and practical of a car and we thought, heck we could get it fully loaded for about the same price as a base or just above base model of the Mazda....WRONG!!!  We could not believe how expensive the Subaru was turning out to be AND they didn't even have what we wanted in stock, we'd have to wait at least a month to get it!  So, we called the Mazda dealership to find out what kind of deals they had going on and that we were ready to buy NOW....never heard back from them.  (sidenote: we had been driving around all day already and this Mazda dealership was another 1/2 hr away, we did not want to drive all the way there and not walk or drive away without a new car).

After waiting about 15mins we decided we were tired and had had enough so we drove back to the Kia dealership, told them the price we wanted out the door and BAM we had a new car...fully loaded, minus the sun/moonroof.......and the new year model.  Now I went through all that whole story to get to this part.....Well, it's NOT a red's a dark cherry, so it's more purplish/maroon.......BUT, and this is a BIG but, it has black leather interior!   The only reason I considered this was because the driver side has a cooling seat function.  We've tried it out a couple times it's like sitting in wet clothes almost.  It's hard to describe, but this past December-April it has been a WONDERFUL feature.  Which brings me to real topic of this blog!

Now that the temperatures are reaching the 100's....I don't care how good of a seat chiller you leather is HOT and if you don't have seat covers yet (like me) you will burn your legs if you are wearing shorts! Go ahead, ask me how I know! LOL  Needless to say, seat covers will be on my wishlist this year for my birthday and/or Christmas.....I just hope I can survive that long!  In the meantime, there will be a towel left in my car on the driver's seat at all times.

That's my baby!  I really do love everything about the Kia Sorrento....except the black leather seats.  Now when I'm in Colorado, that won't matter.  Oh I also have seat warmers for the winter months and that IS nice!!



    1. I totally agree. I didn't think I would use them much in Arizona, but I love them!