Monday, July 2, 2012

What have I gotten myself into?!?!

So, I'm getting ready to go on vacation with the family to Wyoming.  We'll be staying in a small town called Pinedale.  It's a nice little town and I'm very much looking forward to going and just unplugging.....literally!  Now don't get me wrong, I'm still taking the laptop, iPad and Kindle for email, the teenager and reading, but I don't plan on being online much more than that.  Which hasn't happened in a long, long time!

Luckily with the Kindle I'll have plenty of books to read without the weight of all those books.......if you don't have a Kindle or some device similar I ask you, why not! I thought what else could I bring to do that would be relaxing, yet not require electricity.....and this is what I decided on:

Cross Stitch!  Am I nuts?!?!  I haven't cross stitched in years, but I saw someone else doing it last week and thought, gee I should start doing that again.  So I ordered these thinking, they are small things, so shouldn't be too problem, I've never cross stitched on a blank canvas before, it always had a pattern printed on it, so I ASSUMED that all were like that.....silly me!  Neither of these have the patterns printed on them, so, yes,  I panicked  after I opened them.  But after watching a couple of videos on Youtube, I think I can do this!  May not be as restful as I had wanted but I do think I'll still like doing it.    I did however order a couple more WITH the patterns stamped on least I hope so!  We'll just have to see how far I get.  Stay tuned! LOL


  1. I love counted cross stitch. I think that they are so much prettier than the other... probably because you have to hit the little hole so it makes all of your stitches uniform. I predict that you will love it. Have fun on vacation.

  2. I'm with Nancy on this one. I hate trying to do printed patterns because of the uniformity issue. You'll have lots of fun doing those...and now you're making me want to get some out to work on! Enjoy your vacation!