Friday, December 28, 2012

What a tangled web

I bet you think this is going to be a blog about deception and you would be wrong.  Actually it's about hair, my hair.  You see it's the time of year when the heater gets turned on in the house. Yes, I know I live in Arizona, but it does get chilly here.  Granted not as chilly as most other parts, but chilly none the less.  Now, Arizona is already a pretty dry state, not a lot of humidity, so when the heater runs it dries the air out in the house even more.  Have you noticed how when the heater runs in your car you tend to get shocked more?  Because it causes more static electricity being so dry, more friction.  Something like that, I just know in the winter with the heater I tend to get shocked more.

I have long, THICK hair that can tangle if you look at if funny.  Usually those tangles are "manageable", but when you add in the dryness from the heater and the static electricity those tangles tend to get a mind of their own, usually at the base of my neck and especially when I take a day off from brushing my hair.  What?  You've never done that??  Well, it was the holidays and there was noone to see, noone to come over, and nowhere to go.  Jammies all day long, I don't think I even brushed my teeth(don't tell my dentist), but that's a whole different blog.

Anyway! So this morning I realized I hadn't brushed/combed my hair in a couple of days.  DON'T JUDGE ME!!!  I got out my brush and began the strokes.  It started out well, the right side was done in a matter of seconds, then I started on the other side.  That was a whole different story.  Immediately I ran into resistance.  20 minutes later I finally had smooth hair, albeit a little bit less of it.   Mind you this was not the worst it's been.  While visiting back in Colorado at the beginning of the month, I got one that spanned the whole back of my head.....just by the end of the day.  I had to have my husband brush it out for me, because I just couldn't do it.

So, the lesson I've taken from this, one I hope to heed, is that I need to brush my hair EVERYDAY in the winter and I need to find a better for daily use to keep those tangles at bay. Anyone know a good one??   I'm not usually a tender headed sort of person, but those "rat's nests" as I call them sure do hurt.

FYI, I've already finger-combed several tangles out my hair that happened just while typing this out.  I told you it tangled easily!

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