Thursday, January 15, 2015

Rader Farms Fresh Start Fusions

Recently I got to try Rader Farms Fresh Start Fusion.   I had never heard of them before, but got a notice from Influenster to try them out for a campaign.   They are basically frozen fruit/vegetable blends.  I like making smoothies so I thought I would give them a try.

They come in three different flavors:


I've made plenty of fruit smoothies, but have never been gutsy enough to try one with veggies.  I've heard they are good and you can't taste the veggies(which is good as I'm not a fan of veggies).  So I picked up a bag of the Sunrise Refresh as it sounded the "safest" to me.   I have to say these are NOT all.  A normal bag of fruit runs around $4-6 for the same size bag, these were almost $10.  But they say you have to pay for quality and I was feeling generous.  It would be my splurge for the week.

So tonight I made a Shakeology smoothie.  I used 1 cup of water, 1 cup of the Fusion fruit, a 1/4 cup or less of mixed berries(I like fruit), 1 banana, and a package of strawberry shakeology.   Mixed that all up in my blender until I was satisfied with the consistency, adding water as needed.  And viola, along came my version of the Shakeology Sunrise Refresh. It wasn't too bad and I definitely didn't taste the kale or spinach, which surprised me because it seemed that their was more veggies than fruit in the Fusion package(hence the adding of more fruit).  I think it would be even better with Almond milk, it would make it creamier, but I don't have any.  So I'll have to go get some now.

So all in all, I would give the Fresh Start Fusion a "B".  The flavor is good, but it is just too expensive for me.  I would get these as a splurge.

Here's a pic of the drink I made, sorry I had already started drinking it. :-)

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