Friday, March 9, 2012

I don't want to be the mom/teacher!

I think I say that once a month or more.  Homeschooling a strong-willed teenage boy can be frustrating.  Not only is he right about everything, he knows it all too.  Was I ever like that?  No, I was a perfect angel and politely obeyed my parents at all, yeah like that's the truth.

Remember when you were a kid and said things like: "I'm never going to say 'because I said so' to my kids!" or "I'll never been mean to my kids" or "I'll never act like that when I'm an adult" or "I can't wait to have kids of my own"??????  Oh, to be young and foolish again.  To think we had all the knowledge we would ever need, and that our parents were squares.  Thinking why on earth do I need to learn Algebra or how to diagram a sentence(well, I still wonder that one! LOL)  That all this "stuff", this "time-wasting stuff" was nonsense and unnecessary.  I mean what did it have to do with life anyway?  I was never going to need it.

They've always said youth is wasted on the young and they are so right, but you don't realize it until your older.  If only I could go back and tell myself then what I know now.   So how do you get that across to the kids today?! They really are no different than when we were young.  Sure, probably more spoiled and soft, but the attitude is the same.  So how do you get through to them??  All you can do is your best and sometimes THAT doesn't even seem like enough.

Which brings me to today, a day where I just have to buckle down and be the tough guy.  I am called to be their parent first, then their friend.....not the other way around.  I have to be okay with my child not liking me at that particular moment, knowing that this too shall pass.  That this one moment in time is just that a moment....and a passing one at that.  Doesn't make it easy......I don't think I've ever heard anyone say being a parent is easy and if they did, I would question their parenting skills or if they've ever been a parent.  As parents we are entrusted to make the hard decisions, the tough calls.....and it's not always fun.

So........I DON'T WANT TO BE THE MOM/TEACHER......too bad, I have to be.  Why? Because I said so!!

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