Sunday, March 11, 2012

It must be Sunday....I need a nap

What is it about Sunday afternoons that make us want to take a nap?   It seems like without fail by 1 o'clock in the afternoon everyone in my family is asleep somewhere in the house....with the exception of my 13 year old son.  He apparently has boundless energy.

We don't get tired on Saturday, but always on Sunday.  Saturday we relax, have some family time or game time or yardwork....or for me laundry, but we never really get sleepy.  But Sunday, it's like we just ate a huge turkey dinner and it's put us to sleep.  Or in my case makes me really tired, but I fight it the whole time and then end up with a migraine!  Well, not today.  Yes, I'm tired, but this time I'm going to actually listen to my body and take a nap!  It's a beautiful day outside, so I'm going to go soak up some rays and least that is what I am telling myself.

So, ask yourself, why do we get tired on Sundays?  We must just not want the new week to start and are just trying to get as much "last-minute" rest in as possible before hitting the daily grind again.   Go grab a pillow and take a nap....your body will thank you.

Part 2:

Okay, so I went outside with all the intention of napping in the sun, but it's never that simple is it?  No, first I had to clean the pool that was full of leaves and a rat that decided it wanted to learn how to swim(it didn't succeed).  And since I hadn't been on the pool deck really since October I had to clean everything off before I could even sit on it.  There was about an inch of dirt over everything from all the Haboobs(that's a story for another day, but it's basically a HUGE duststorm).  But before I could clean everything off I had to go on a wild goose hunt for the spray nozzle. An hour later I had found it, cleaned off the deck and the chairs, cleaned the pool and got some water going on the orange tree.  Then I could layout the towels on the chair and was short and I didn't really nap, but it was peaceful.  At least now I can make it until it's time for bed.

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