Monday, November 19, 2012

Mothra Attacks!!!

So I'm laying in bed, just about to doze off when it feels like a moth dive bombs the side of my head near my ear.  So I swat it away from ear and out of my hair, but it puts up a good fight.  Finally, I think I've won, so I turn on my bedside lamp to make sure it's nowhere around.  I don't see it and the coast looks clear, so I turn the light off and lay back down.

SUDDENLY, I hear this frantic fluttering sound in my ear and I realized the reason I couldn't find the little flying critter was because it took refuge INSIDE my ear!  Yes, you read that right, inside my ear.  Of course I immediately jumped up, screaming, "It's in my ear!! The moth is in my ear!!"  Needless to say the whole house was awake at this point and I was trying not to panic too bad.

We turned on all the lights in the bedroom.   I was pulling on my earlobe trying to make a nice easy path for the moth to get out, but by the sound of the fluttering in my ear I thought for sure it was never getting out and was only fluttering it's way deeper into my ear.  Finally, my knight in shining armor husband got a flashlight hoping he would be able to see down in the ear better so he could use the tweezers to get it out.  He turned on the flashlight, poked once with the tweezers and Mothra was set free!

Now, I thought for sure that this moth in my ear was HUGE, it sure sounded like it.  I was envisioning something at least about the size of my ear canal, but no, it was this teeny-tiny little thing, something similar to this:

So, what do I take away from this experience?  Nothing, other than I'm going to have a hard time falling asleep for the next few nights or anytime a I see a moth flying around my room.  Seriously, though, it wasn't painful and I can laugh about it now.  Also, I'll make sure my bedside lamp is not the last light turned out too!

Sweet dreams everybody!!!

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