Monday, October 1, 2012


How do you write a blog when you have nothing to say?  Or don't know how to put it into words?  I sit down and start typing things out and then hit the delete key and start over again only to hit the delete key again and stare at the flashing cursor as it sits there mocking me, challenging me.  And  each time it wins.

The cursor just sits there....flashing.  Constantly reminding me of all the other blogs I've read and followed and someday hope to be like.  "You don't have anything important to say" or "Do you really want other people to read that?" or "Seriously, you're going to blog about that?"   And then I sit and ponder those statements and begin to believe them.  So, I write evidenced by how long it has been since my last entry.

Even now my finger is poised on the delete key waiting.  Waiting for the cursor to have it's way again, but this time it won't.......


  1. You have a lot to say. Your words have inspired me more times than I can count. And one thing that I have learned on this blogging journey, while it is hard to push that publish button, it is amazing the feedback you get when you touch even one person.

  2. Thank you Nancy, that means alot coming from you because I absolutely love your blog!